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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mary-Anne Hobbs to leave to Radio One!

I was listening to BBC Radio One's 'Experimental' show on the iplayer yesterday and long time presenter Mary-Anne Hobbs slipped into the conversation that she would be presenting her last show in 3 weeks time!

This was news to me and, having been a long time follower of Ms Hobbs since the Breezeblock days I have to say that I'm absolutely gutted that she's leaving the station. Apparently she's been offered a job in her home town of Sheffield at the Uni mentoring/lecturing students. Click the pic for more details.

The Breezeblock and Radio 1 Experimental were/are easily my favourite shows and with Mary-Anne leaving where am I going to get my weekly fix of dubstep/electronica from now?

Good luck to Mary-Anne. She is an inspiration and, from my limited understanding, has been hugely influential in terms of breaking/promoting new and up-coming artists.

Long live the real Queen of England Ms Mary-Anne Hobbs.

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