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Monday, 14 June 2010

This idiot never learns

Above is a screenshot from a skateboarding video filmed in 2000. You might be able to see a lovely 90 degree ankle tweak at the bottom there, the result of ollieing over the wall to the left and landing with the front foot too far forward.

This resulted in a great deal of pain followed by 4 weeks hobbling around and moaning. The injury almost caused the idiot in question (me) to miss amongst other things a camping trip to Cornwall, a month trekking in Peru and our first ever trip to Glastonbury.

The injury shown in the picture above was again the result of a skateboard-related accident. The photo was taken 3 days ago, shortly before a trip to hospital which confirmed that I'd somehow managed to avoid breaking my left ankle (again!)

10 years on and regardless of the fact that I suck...I still can't get enough of skateboarding!

Long live the ankle-egg!

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