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Friday, 12 March 2010

Re-inforcing the Wetherspoon patrons stereotype

11.30am. I am skateboarding around Lidl carpark which is situated close the the local Wetherspoons pub. From the far side of the carpark I hear a muffled shout ending with the words "f*****g skateboard..." I stop and look towards the source of the shouting. A fat bald man, holding a pint, is waving frantically in my direction from 60-70m away in the outdoor smoking area of the Wetherspoons. He shouts again "F**k off you c**t...It's a f**kin' carpark....F**k off or I'll wrap that skateboard round your f**kin' throat...."

I stopped for a moment and put my thumb up to him in what could only be interpreted as a sarcastic manner. This didn't help and he threw some more abuse my way, I decided not to antagonise him any further. Needless to say, my day was kind of spoiled after that. I picked up my board, got on my bike and very slowly cycled past this cardiac-in-waiting who was still leant on the wall, hoping he might have some more encouraging words for me. Strangely enough when I got near to him and smiled right in his sweaty, jowly face he looked away....weird.

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