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Friday, 26 February 2010

"Tummy Tuck at 12, Boob Job at 16"

I was, until recently, unfamiliar with the magazine 'Pick Me Up.' I now believe that it could be amongst the finest publications to ever grace our nation's shelves. The 3 headlines which were screaming out from the front cover when I recently nipped into the local cornershop were as follows:
"Tummy tuck at 12, boob job at 16, Uncle Darren stole my special legs" and my favourite "Family meltdown, paid by Mum to murder Dad."
Immediately several questions occured to me: Who are these people? Are these real stories? Why have I never met anyone like this? Is this simply The Jeremy Kyle Show in printed form?
and, looking at the image above, what's a delivery room GHOST?!!

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