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Monday, 25 January 2010

Setting up a blog

Mmmm...... What user name shall I choose? Something catchy? Something meaningful? Something humorous? Something memorable? Nah let's just go with Photospoon....damn someone's taken it already! Right we'll have to settle for Spoonography!

Okay, as I'm not 100% sure what a blog is or should be at this point I'll say that spoonography will initally be a forum to display for the various photos taken with my beloved Minolta x300. I have many photos on photobucket which I will post links to and I am also a member of the Minolta x300 Flickr group
. There are also a few related videos on youtube as well as many unrelated videos some dated from as far back as 1996! Happy days!

I will be posting lots of bits and bobs related to photography, artwork and music over the next weeks and months, or I might actually get a job and forget about blogging altogether in which case spoonography will end up on the scrap heap just like our faithful 1996 Seat Ibiza which got towed away today for the last time :(
But hopefully that won't happen and I'll manage to keep it going.......

In the mean time be sure and check out the Deadbeat Blog: http://deadbeat-inc.blogspot.com/
which has recently been started by a good friend of mine....in fact I'm copying him!

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